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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Good & Gather Caramel Apple Granola

Well we sure can't show any favoritism as far as fall foods are concerned, now can we? If we review pumpkin pie granola, we most definitely have to check out caramel apple granola, too. I can't imagine this stuff is too much more or less exciting than its pumpkinny predecessor, but what the heck, let's pour ourselves a bowl anyway.

Unexpected: there are little flake things throughout the mixture. It's not just tiny globs of granola. 

The flakes almost look like mini corn flakes, but they might actually tiny pieces of dried apple. Actually, I think there are both. There are little flakes and there are even smaller pieces of actual dried apple. It's satisfyingly appley.

I don't detect much in the way of "caramel" per se, but I must admit, the cereal is plenty sweet. There are just a few of those oversized asteroid-looking pieces that you get in pretty much any bag of granola. You just need to break those up with a spoon. No biggie.

I'm actually surprised how much I like this granola. It's adequately applicious. I'm not even in a good mood right now, so if anything, I'd be inclined to snub a product during a review right now. But shoot, this is better than that pumpkin stuff for sure.

I give this cereal 8 out of 10 stars.

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