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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Favorite Day Summer Lemonade Trail Mix

Here's the scene: you've just finished mowing the lawn. It's about 90°F in the shade. It's humid. You're drenched in sweat. You plop down in your Adirondack chair on the back porch and begin using your ball cap as a fan to cool off your face. Your loving wife appears in the doorway with a pitcher and a glass full of ice. "I made you some lemonade, sweetie," she says. You gladly accept the beverage. You take a sip. It's refreshing, sweet, and tart. The first words out of your mouth: "Thanks, babe. But this lemonade needs way more cashews."

I mean, right? Who would put peanuts and cashews in summer lemonade? Target would, that's who.

But you know what? It works somehow. Let's examine this unique trail mix ingredient by ingredient.

Roasted salted peanuts. Water, sugar, lemon, and peanuts of course. A must for every glass of summertime lemonade. Just kidding. But if you needed something salty to go with your lemonade, peanuts are a fine choice.

Sour strawberry-flavored golden raisins. Okay. So it's strawberry lemonade now. That works. These are good. Very sour, indeed. There aren't a ton of 'em, though.

Lemon-flavored fizzy clusters. So we've got sparkling strawberry lemonade now? Well, they're not "fizzy" per se. They're crispy, with a touch of that Pop Rocks effect. Lemony enough. Pretty good.

Strawberry flavored confectionary chips. Creamy, sweet, and vaguely fruity. If there were too many of them, they might throw off the delicate balance of tart lemon they're apparently going for. Fortunately, there's just about the right amount in the mix.

Lemonade-flavored seasoned cashews. There's no coating on the cashews. Just lemon seasoning? It's an extremely subtle lemon flavor here. They taste more like cashews than lemons, and that's okay. I don't know why it works, but it just kinda does.

Lemon-flavored dried apples. They're just tiny little cubes of dried apple that taste applicious and lemontastic. The mix could use more of these happy morsels.

I didn't expect this mix to work at all, but it's a pleasant surprise after trying it. There is something weirdly lemonade-esque about it. I'd buy again. $5.49 for 9 oz.

I give this trail mix 8 out of 10 stars.

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