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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Favorite Day Cookies & Crème Trail Mix

There's cookies and cream ice cream, cookies and cream cake, cookies and cream candy bars, cookies and cream cereal, and of course, cookies and cream cookies. But I've never in all my days heard of any version of cookies and cream with nuts. Seems weird. Seems like it should be called Favorite Day Cookies & Crème & Nuts, dontcha think?

At any rate, the almonds and peanuts here aren't unwelcome, exactly. It is a trail mix after all. They add some extra crunch to the already crunchy cookie-based mix. Not exactly traditional cookies and cream, but it works.

Then we have dark chocolate chips. I'd prefer milk chocolate chips. Never had cookies and cream with dark chocolate before. Oh well.

Next up, white chocolate chips. They're good. They add to the "crème" effect.

Cookies & crème-flavored bites. I guess these are like crunchy spherical chocolate cookies covered in a speckled confectionery coating. Cookies and crème-ish enough. No complaints.

Fudge flavored cookie pieces. They're okay i guess. These and the dark chocolate chips are my least favorite elements.

All in all, not very cookies and crème-esque, but not terrible either. Moderately indulgent. I think we paid about four and a half bucks for the 10.5 oz bag. Not something I'd choose for a hike on a warm day.

I give this trail mix 7 out of 10 stars.

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