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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Wondershop Milk Chocolate Pretzel Toffee Sea Salt Mini Bark

Today, we're looking at another potential stocking stuffer from the Wondershop at Target. It's highly reminiscent of the white chocolate mini bark we looked at just over a year ago. Now, we've got milk chocolate instead of white, and there are pretzels and toffee in the candy instead of colorful sprinkles.

The candy within the attractive little box doesn't even fill the container. There's just enough to cover the tree-shaped window. If it had cost anything more than 99 cents, I might have complained about the value here, but considering the presentation and decent taste, 99 cents is just about right.

There are pretzel bits on the outside of the chocolate. Within, it's filled with pieces of toffee. I think they balanced the chocolate, pretzels, and toffee pretty well. If anything, I'd ask for more pretzel, but it tastes fine as it is. 

"Wondershop Milk Chocolate Pretzel Toffee Sea Salt Mini Bark" is quite a mouthful for the title of a product, but it lets you know everything you need to know about this tiny slab of candy. If you're shopping for someone that's into pretzels, toffee, and chocolate, you can't really go wrong with this item. As its white chocolate predecessor, the milk chocolate isn't the most amazing selection I've ever tasted, nor is it the worst. Hey, you get what you pay for. 

I give this mini bark 7 out of 10 stars.

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