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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Wondershop Birthday Cake White Chocolate Mini Bark

I'm not sure if you can call it "bark" when it's just a slab of plain white chocolate with a few sprinkles on top.

But call it "bark" they did. And by "they," I mean Target. And by Target, I mean the Wondershop at Target.

Cool gimmick I suppose. Put all the holiday-themed stuff under a new moniker. They've already got Market Pantry, Archer Farms, and Simply Balanced—not to mention all the non-food related brands like Up and Up. Bring on the Wondershop, baby.

This particular treat is small, sweet, and festive. Why it's called "birthday cake" just because it's made of white chocolate, I'm not sure. We've seen this from at least one other brand.

It's clearly meant to be Christmassy. Perhaps it's meant just for those with December birthdays, or maybe it's meant as a sort of "Happy Birthday to Jesus" kind of sentiment. Whatever their intentions, they nailed the stocking stuffer vibe perfectly with this $1 piece of candy.

You can see the entire product in my hand for scale. It's not huge. It's not fancy. The sprinkles add nothing but color. But if you like white chocolate or know someone whose stocking you'll be stuffing that likes white chocolate, well, here you go. This exists. Pick one up at Target. I know you'll be there at least a dozen times between now and Christmas.

Is it good white chocolate? Well, it's a buck...and it's not bad white chocolate. So, there you have my in-depth, very helpful review.

I give this slab of white chocolate optimized for stocking stuffing 7 out of 10 stars.

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