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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Archer Farms Maple Trail Mix

Maple's a good fall flavor. Along with pumpkin and apple, it's one of the most autumnal things you can eat. Maplicious.

This trail mix is pretty good, but it could easily be even better. How, you ask? By putting way fewer "cinnamon cookies" in the bag and adding a lot more nuts.

At first, the cinnamon cookies seem okay. They're vaguely cinnamony, crunchy, and not unlike the "graham bites" in the Rudolph's Mix we looked at two years back. Their flavor is very similar and their appearance and texture are nearly identical. They just don't bring as much to the mix as any of the other ingredients, and they take up way too much space in the bag. I even started picking them out and putting them in another container to save for...I don't know...feeding to the squirrels?

The "cinnamon-flavored pretzel balls" are pretty interesting. I think they're little pretzels coated with cinnamon yogurt. Unique and tasty.

The almonds and peanuts are candied in a mapley glaze and could easily stand alone as a delicious snack. I just wish there were more of 'em. There are tragically few raisins, as well.

The cereal squares are Chexy and sweet, although the maple glaze on them makes them taste and feel just slightly stale to me. I think they'd have been better without the glaze. There's enough sugar in here already. Why not just let the multigrain flavor do its thing?

If you're a fan of maple, this trail mix is worth a shot. I just think they came soooo close to making something great, and fell just shy of the mark. I probably wouldn't buy it again, but if someone put a baggie full of it in my backpack, I'd most definitely still eat some as a snack here and there.

I think we paid a clearance price of $2.99 for this trail mix. It might have been a little more previously. Always changing prices on us, those tricky Target employees—fortunately, they're usually lowering them. Just another reason I still shop at Target once in a while.

I give this trail mix 7 out of 10 stars.

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