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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Archer Farms Pumpkin Streusel Breakfast Bread

I guess pumpkin season is over already. But I never got around to reviewing this tasty bread. Better late than never, right?

But wait a pumpkin season over already?? I mean, pumpkin pie is legit for Christmas as well as Thanksgiving, so it would logically follow that all pumpkin and pumpkin spice items are fair game at least up until Christmas Day. Furthermore, if we define pumpkin as a "fall flavor," then technically we have until Tuesday, December 22 at 4:48 Coordinated Universal Time to enjoy it. Either way, we still have a couple of weeks. Anyway, I'm gonna do this post regardless of whether it's still "pumpkin season" or not. And nuts to all you pumpkin haters.

Because, as I mentioned before, this is some tasty bread...if you like pumpkin-flavored stuff. And I do, for the most part. I know it's not super masculine to get all excited about pumpkin products, but who cares?

This stuff is very similar to the delicious Blueberry Streusel Bread we reviewed back in August. The pumpkin level is just about what I was hoping it would be. There's some actual pumpkin puree as well as traditional pumpkin spices like cinnamon and brown sugar, and you can taste them just fine, but they won't overwhelm your tongue or take anything away from the sweet bread part of the product.

This bread definitely wants to be toasted and tastes great when served with a little butter on top. All things considered, I liked the blueberry flavor a little more, but for a seasonal treat, this streusel is nothing to complain about. Another sweet, successful, autumnal goody from Archer Farms.

I give this product 8 out of 10 stars.

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