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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Archer Farms Puff Pastry Collection

If you're looking for a few tasty hors d'oeuvres and a whole bunch of fat, look no further than Archer Farms Puff Pastry Collection.

There are three flavors here, and my wife and I both agree that two of them stand a shade above the third. Although we anticipated the artichoke, Asiago, spinach puff to be the best one of all, it turned out to be just a bit bland.

The other two weren't exactly bursting with flavor, but they were more along the lines of what we expected. They were very good, although I'm not quite sure if you could call them restaurant-quality.

None of the breads stood out from the others. They seemed to taste the same, but they came in three different shapes: rolls, puffs, and croissants. The filling is really what distinguished each of the varieties. I'm not a huge fan of pesto or tomatoes, yet the sun-dried tomato flavor in the ricotta
croissants impressed me a lot. Likewise, the red pepper in the feta rolls gave them enough tang and taste to make them memorable.

The Asiago puffs just didn't do it for either of us. There was a creamy texture within the crisp, flaky pastry shell, but it lacked flavor. I guess by themselves the constituent ingredients don't usually have a ton of heavy flavor, but I think when I've had similar products in the past, they were paired with spices that gave them a bit of zest and brought out the natural yumminess of the artichoke and spinach.

All in all, this product's worth a try if you think they sound good. Just don't expect much from the Asiago pastries.

I give these puff pastries 7 out of 10 stars.

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