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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Archer Farms Sugar-Free Cherry Citrus Energy Drink

The first thing that hit me about this energy drink when I tried it for the first time was that it tasted sugar-free. Neither the grapefruit flavor nor the pomegranate blueberry flavor tasted like "lite" options. But with this flavor, there's even a sort of fake sweetener aftertaste—this sour chemical tinge that lingers on the tongue, and it's pretty nasty.

It does taste slightly of cherry, but then that cherry-esque essence gives way to an unpleasant aspartame-like flavor. I checked the ingredients and there isn't any actual aspartame. Maybe it's the sucralose or one of the many unpronounceable chemicals that rounds out the list of additives.

I also couldn't taste the "citrus" flavor mentioned on the packaging. I guess maybe adding citric acid to a product justifies calling it "citrus" flavored, but it doesn't really work if you add another flavor like cherry, too. The cherry flavor will overshadow the "citrus" flavor of the citric acid every time.

But, on the plus side, the drink does have caffeine. It did wake me up. It has B vitamins, ginseng, taurine, vitamin C, and all that good stuff.

And with only 10 calories, I guess I can't complain. Although, I'd really prefer a diet soda, most of which have 0 calories, over this beverage. I'm really not sure why it has even 10 calories.

This is definitely something I won't buy in the future. If I want a low-calorie option, I'll take the grapefruit flavor over this one any day. If I want a mid-calorie option, I'll take the blueberry pomegranate flavor.

Bottom line: 5 out of 10.


  1. I actually enjoy that lingering taste - it makes me feel like I could make this energy drink last the whole day (assuming it never got warm, and that's not a bold assumption since I work in a freezing cold office). I think the lingering sweetness you attributed to aspartame might be citric acid and sucralose. Sucralose and aspartame have similar Time/Intensity profiles - they both come on mid-note whereas Ace-K comes on immediately.
    Since I have a massive sweet tooth, I think I like this one better than its blueberry counterpart but the thing that bothers me most about this product is it's so loud! If I have the drink next to me, the bubbling of the carbonation sounds like rain on a car window. Perhaps I'm just easily distracted though.
    As always, I enjoy reading your reviews! ;D
    Danielle aka Green-Eyed Guide

    1. LOL, Danielle.

      I actually like loud beverages. But then I love the sound of falling rain, too.


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