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Monday, March 18, 2013

Archer Farms Bacon Wrapped Scallops

In our neverending search for the first 10-star product from Archer Farms, we've been splurging a bit on the hors d'oeuvres. This is another pricey one, about $7 at our Target.

We came close to a perfect 10 with the Crab Rangoon. And one yogurt flavor and one dessert have the distinction of 9 star scores.

We've also never discovered anything worthy of 3 stars or less. Which is good. That says something about the relative quality of Archer Farms products. This product is no exception, and it falls closer to the top of the scale than the bottom, for sure.

Strangely, the packaging calls this a "scallop" rather than "scallops," but I assure you there are more than one inside the box. Not many more...but I think I counted 10 or so.

They came frozen together. Solid. I had to let them thaw a bit before prying them apart on the baking sheet. Even then it was difficult. I highly recommend taking their suggestion to put these on aluminum foil for "easy cleanup." They're quite messy. And fatty! There were giant pools of grease underneath each piece.

The bacon was crispy and the scallops were soft after baking. The texture was pretty impressive, I'd say. Sometimes scallops can be too chewy, but not these. They aren't the best scallops I've ever tried, but their texture was top-notch. The bacon made the product greasy but flavorful, and each element added just enough taste to balance the other out.

If you eat the whole package, you're looking at 3/4 of your daily saturated fat. Which is to say... don't eat the whole package at once. A "serving size" is apparently 5 pieces. That would suffice to quell most appetites and make one feel adequately fattened.

If you're into bacon and scallops, check these out. Another restaurant-quality product from your local Target freezer.

I give these 8 out of 10 stars.


  1. Can you start taking photos of the products instead of just the packaging? I'm curious as to how some of these products actually look compared to what the box says they should.

  2. We'll see what we can do, Nick. It's kind of hard to fit so many pics right in the post itself, so we'll probably put some pics on photobucket or something like that and just include links to them.

    For the record, our bacon wrapped scallops looked a lot like the picture on the packaging...surprisingly.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Hello,

    Do you know what happened to the Bacon wrapped hot dogs? Can't find them anywhere and that was all my daughter would eat for lunch at school :(


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