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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Archer Farms Crème Brûlée

Yes, they sell fine French desserts at Target, including crème brûlée. Now that's one instance where I hope you mentally pronounced Target as "Tar-zhay." So freakin' fancy. But did they do it well? The answer is yes. Well enough for this unsophisticated foodie-hack, anyway.

I've had crème brûlée at a couple of weddings, some Las Vegas buffets, from Trader Joe's, and at a nice little family-run French restaurant. Overall, the first wedding I had it at was the best one. But flavor-wise, this one might be tied for second. It's DELICIOUS.

However, it utterly failed the sugar-shell crackable top test. You actually have to put the sugar on yourself, stick the dessert in the broiler for a few minutes and hope that the sugar melts evenly across the top of the crème. 

But it didn't. There were just big granules of pseudo-melted sugar all clustered across the top of the custard. Maybe if my wife and I had been more meticulous with our sugar-distribution, it would have turned out better, but this is why it's best to have some expert chef do it for you. We were in this sugar-craving frenzy and we didn't have our wits about us, much to the shame of our poor dessert. And then, after broiling the crème brûlée, you're supposed to allow it to sit on the counter and cool—and then you're supposed to put it back in the fridge! Who has that kind of willpower!?

But honestly, I don't really care about the sugar-shell crackable top thing. As long as it tastes good. And IT DID. This is honestly the best thing I have ever tasted from Target. The custard and the sugar were amazing together.

It's $6 for two little dishes of the delectable dessert. But they're worth it. Plus, it comes with two ceramic ramekins that you can keep! My wife thinks she'll use them to make her own flan someday (we'll see if that actually happens, though). And if not, they'll come in handy as dipping bowls for salsa or sauce of some kind.

If they weren't so much work, and if the top had come out a tad better, this might have been our first perfect 10 star score.

I give this crème brûlée 9 out of 10 stars.


  1. Good call, Brent. That would do the trick.

  2. if you would have let them cool and then put in fridge, pretty sure you would have had that yummy shell. i have made these yummy beauties for years and they have never not turned out right. the fridge is a must. try it again! like you won't be. haha

  3. We totally put it in the fridge! But I could tell that the sugar wasn't entirely melted when I put it in. We followed the instructions. But if we made an error it was during the "broil" part of the process.

  4. I've seen these at Target and wondered if they were good. Trader Joe's used to have some that looked just like this, with the ramekins and all.

    1. I used to buy them @ TJ's, and use the ramekins for cat dishes - cheaper than buying cat dishes at Petsmart, plus a yummy dessert! Recently served one in the same dish at a NYC French bistro, LOL!

  5. Yeah, these AF ones taste really good, Tangerine.

    That's cool TJ's used to offer ones with the ramekins. We just tried these:

    and they were pretty good.

  6. I have one in the toaster oven (set for Broil) as Im typing this reply. It takes a bit longer but I am satisfied with the results.
    I googled Archer Farms Creme Brulee & I clicked on your link, I didnt realize that Archer Farms was Target's exclusive line for food. I was hoping to find them somewhere else for a bit less money.
    I hide a box of these in the freezer & have one when everyone is gone because it is so good & I couldnt afford to buy enough for the whole family ;)

    1. LOL, tell the fam to get their OWN creme brulee!


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